SAMPLE 8 – My revisions

This Annual Report contains forward-looking statements, which by their nature are subject to assumptions, risks, and uncertainties. For a variety of reasons, actual results could differ materially from those contained in or implied by our projections:

  • Interest rates could change more quickly or more significantly than we expect.
  • If the economy changes significantly in an unexpected way, the demand for new loans and the ability of borrowers to repay outstanding loans likely will change in ways that our models do not anticipate.
  • The stock and bond markets could suffer a significant downturn, which would likely have a negative effect on our financial condition and that of our borrowers.
  • It could take us longer than we anticipate to implement strategic initiatives designed to increase revenues or manage expenses, or we may be unable to implement those initiatives at all.
  • Acquisitions and dispositions of assets, business units, or affiliates could affect us in ways that management has not anticipated.
  • We may become subject to new and unanticipated accounting, tax, or regulatory practices or requirements.

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