Most organizations can benefit from the work of an experienced editor. Although I have a unique focus on public companies and securities disclosure, I can help your business, law or accounting firm, or professional association with virtually any writing or editing project. Here are just a few examples.

Newsletters. Many organizations produce newsletters and bulletins — either on a regular schedule or when something important happens. I am proud that during the seven years I edited Wall Street Lawyer, a monthly securities law newsletter, the publication was known for its well-written articles. (In fact, many busy authors told me that I edited their articles to reflect what they would have said if they’d had the time to figure out how to say it!) Drawing from that experience, I can bring clarity and organization to your in-house publications, and contribute original articles on topics you select.

Articles. Published articles are wonderful marketing tools. I can help you make the greatest impact and the best impression by ensuring that your articles are concise, coherent, organized, and free of grammatical errors. If you are publishing to increase your profile or establish yourself as an expert, working with an experienced editor who is conversant with the subject matter is a wise investment of time and resources.

Marketing materials. If you offer a complicated service — or an easily understood service in a unique way — you may rely on a brochure or website to introduce your work to prospective clients. I can help you highlight your team and the advantages you offer without getting bogged down in confusing details or tangential information.